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Greetings From Chancellor Caren Boisseau

Posted by Ruah Staff on June 2, 2014 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (1)

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Greetings from our Chancellor Dr. Caren Boisseau

When I was much younger in ministry I realized early on that things were not as easy as they should’ve been concerning training and development.  For me it was all or nothing in serving The Lord; so it stands to reason that I was zealous but not according to knowledge.  I needed patience which I found lacking almost everywhere I went.  Trust I’ve been guilty of lacking patience and other fruit as well myself.  I remember a First Lady that I greatly admired early on instructing me to attend another church because she said I fit that atmosphere better.  I often felt that she pushed me out because I was different and because I was an individual thinker.  All I wanted was for her to teach me the word to justify some of the behavior I witnessed at that church.  I wanted biblical answers to my young and zealous questions.  She and they wanted compliance more than my personal growth.  I have always wondered why she had no compassion for me.  This is why we urgently need healthy teaching (mentorship) and guidance. 

We do not need drill sergeants forcing conformity.  We need anointed leaders exemplifying transformation.  I have had this type of leadership and have operated in both styles myself.  I have found that conformity is just another expression of false humility and it doesn’t work.  It doesn’t repair the breaches in the ecclesia (church).  I will not debate that some people want ministry on their own terms but I assure you I was hungry and teachable and I still am today.  Many so-called rebellious Christians are not that at all.  These are often excited leaders who are perhaps undisciplined and/or unlearned to say the least however in either case they have a right to know the truth.  They deserve to be taught and/or corrected if possible before they are labeled anything but children of God.

You would think that anyone desiring to serve God and His people would get all of the love and support possible from other Christian Soldiers.  This however was not the case for me.  I found that I was too Baptist for the Pentecostals, too Pentecostal for the Baptist, too colorful for the Apostolic, too excitable for the Word of Faith, too few degrees for the Methodist, too Prophetic for the Charismatic’s, Just too Much for the Full Gospel Baptists and too everything too often to really be embraced by the very ones I needed the most.  Now these were the places I attempted to gain acceptance in my home town but not nationally, and for the record I am embellishing a little on the aforementioned to humor the traditions of men. 

I found that if the Pastor’s embraced me, the members often couldn’t stand me.  If the members liked me too much then the Pastor’s often seemed to distance themselves from me or completely avoid me.  When I wanted to go to Seminary my church wouldn’t scholarship me because I was a female.  When I went to Seminary anyway I was a young and attractive female and often the butt of many cruel chauvinistic jokes.  I was told by many uneducated and ignorant Leaders that the Seminary was the Cemetery.  I was even told to read the books on my own rather than to pursue my education the traditional way and encouraged to quit school.  Unfortunately, I did.  I later would continue my education but that’s another testimony.  I also heard that it doesn’t take all that and all you need is the Holy Ghost.  I was even told by many I couldn’t and shouldn’t Pastor and that there was no such thing as a Prophetess in the 21st Century Church.  I can’t tell you how on fire I was yet, so many places that I went to made me feel like they were trying to put it out lol.  Of course I now know that was Satan desiring to sift me as wheat. 

Now I really can’t tell you when it happened.  However, I can tell you that one day I stopped trying to fit in and I began to obey God.  I realized that ministry isn’t about pleasing people or being accepted or being bound.  Whom we preach about and loving whom we preach to that screams goodly and godly success. True Ministry is about pleasing and serving God.  True ministry is about personal growth and allowing God to pour revelation knowledge of healing and deliverance into one’s self first and foremost.  Servant hood humbles it doesn’t produce arrogance.  It thrust the servant into self-denial and into an insatiable desire to be better for God to be glorified.  I found that preaching is not the quintessential part of ministry it’s knowing when and how to be the word in action that effectuates the love of Christ.

Yes there were Spiritual Leaders that helped me along the way but it was hard and lonely and they were few and far between.  I often felt myself connecting to the wrong people only to find that they needed me sometimes more than I needed them.  Of course this could be considered an arrogant statement so I humbly admit that it’s okay for a leader to need help and encouragement.  I have some great leaders and I have had some bad and truly I am aware that part of the problem was my own ignorance in the equation. However, having a qualified and riteous teacher is extremely important and until you have one it's really not good.  Then again sometimes you might have to improvise and in doing so, you find that God always has plan B,C,D,E,F, well you get the point.  

One day I decided to better myself because I realized that I had no right to preach without growing continually myself.  I could sit around and complain about what was wrong with others and become the very thing that I despised or I could get to work on myself and the work God gave me to do. I also came to realize that many of the Leaders who wanted to lead me were struggling themselves with their own identities and insecurities and possibly even inadequacies.  I became the very same thing and it is quite difficult to lead when you don’t feel adequately prepared and you feel you have no one to turn to.  Please know that I mean no disrespect or insult when I share my personal testimony.  All I know is that this is my truth and I embrace it because it has made me who I am today.  I don’t want to offend because I understand that even one offended can kill many.  I also know that the truth will make us free.

I’m not here to judge, I am here to encourage.  I am here to say if you too have a hunger to launch into the deep, to better yourself or to simply answer your call without a clue where that will lead you.  I get it.  If you have already tried this and have felt dejected, rejected and even ostracized of men sometimes, I get it.  If you just want to grow and desire a connection with like spirits, I get it.  If you are an agnostic and you question everything but just want to believe truly the right thing, I get it and I am inviting you to come and experience Ruah.  This is why I founded Ruah School of Ministry and School of Prophecy for you to be launched into your divine destiny. 

Our Professors and Staff Members of Ruah are quite competent and we care about you and the success of your ministry.  We want you to be prepared and confident to do your job as a servant of the Most High God. 

I pray that you accept the clarion call to ministry and learning what ministry really is.  I prophetically speak into your life right now that you are not alone, you have greatness in you, and you are handpicked and chosen by God for a time such as this.  You are ready to start walking in your ministerial providence and all you need is a little push.  No problem, just click or just call and you will find that you are in the perfect will of God.  I can’t wait to meet you I can’t wait to grow with you at Ruah.  I can’t wait to see you walk across that platform and receive your Diploma, Ministry License, Ordination Papers, or Certificate of Preparation from Ruah.  Blessings

Dr. Caren Boisseau

Chancellor of Ruah School of Ministry International

Dean of Ruah School of Prophecy




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