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Ruah Character Disposition & Interpersonal Evaluation 1

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Character Disposition & Interpersonal Evaluation Part I


Instructor Dr. Caren Boisseau

Phone office #540-650-0546 or personal #757-779-8635

Email Address

Office hours are Monday -Thursday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Feel free to email me to schedule a conference call and or a virtual meeting

Grading Scale

Essay Assignments worth 100 points each ……   400 points

Weekly listed Assignments 100 points each ….. 400 points

Quiz                                                                         ….... 50 points

Final Exam                                                        ….………150points

Extra Credit                                                                  ..25points


  1. 900 – 1000 points
  2. 800 – 899 points
  3. 700 – 799 points
  4. 600 – 699 points


I’m Dr. Boisseau and welcome to Character Disposition & Interpersonal Evaluation

I look forward working with you.  Completing this course will provide you with essential basics of Personal ministry, management styles, critical thinking, what ministry entails. 


  1. This is a Five Week Class.
  2. You are required to send your assignments to me via E-mail by Wednesday Midnight or Sunday at midnight every week per instructions.
  3. Your email should include your course number, assignment number, and your name. 
  4. All Assignments should include
  5. Your name
  6. Course number
  7. Assignment and due date
  8. All of your assignments must be submitted as Microsoft Office Word documents
  9. Please review your syllabus to make sure that you are doing all assignments in the format requested.  Please place the Assignment Title as I have given them in your heading. 
  10. As you do the assignments please refer to each instruction and either bold the Instruction before you do it as a heading or Underline it in the first sentence to identify that you are doing each task assigned. 
  11. Do not overwrite because you are enjoying the assignment.  I do word count.  I do not want to read 500 extra words if they are not required. 


Required Materials, New King James Bible, Computer with Internet access, you will need a Star Book for Christian Ministers and you will need to have Skype access. Go to this website for a free download  or another program that incorporates virtual meetings, and telephone access for conference calls and online face to face virtual meetings or classes. 


You will have 4 essays that will be given to you by Sunday Midnight every week,

You will have 4 other assignments

You will have 1 quiz and 1 open book test

This course consist of 10 Exercises, each assignment is very vital to your growth and understanding.  Many of the assignments in this course will be fundamental in building your mental library of what your ministry should consist of and how it should affect yourself as well as others. 


I do not accept late work however you will have one pass this semester to use towards a situation.  Just be sure to send an email to me by the due date of the assignment and type in all caps PASS and list the assignment you need an extension on. No excuse is needed; you will be given a one week extension to complete your assignment.  10 points will be deducted from the assignment. 


The Honor Code: You are expected to do your own work, cheating will result in disciplinary actions.  


You have a head start;

Assignment #1 Personal Evaluation Due 12/14/14

Instructions for logging onto the Human Metrics website

1. In your browser, type

2. Scroll down slightly and look for the box labeled “Jung Typology Test”. In that box click “Full Description”.

3. Thoroughly read the instructions and other information. Click your back button once.

4. Click “Take Test”

5. Read the instructions on that page. Click “Do it”.

6. Answer all 72 questions. Don’t think too hard about them… Just answer them honestly.

7. Click “Score it” at the bottom of the page.

8. There will be two results pages. One tells you your personality type, and the other talks about famous people in history who share your unique characteristics. Please read those carefully.

9. Be prepared to both think about and share your specific personality information.

Save your results to your computer or copy them and print out.  You will need some of the information about the survey for this assignment. 


  1. After taking the survey you are required to write an 800 – 1000 word essay (rule of thumb 600 to 700 words is usually a page or less so it’s not so bad.  You can use your word count in Microsoft review to count, I know I will lol.).
  2. Your topic will be about what your evaluation taught you and how you will be able to incorporate this information into ministry. 
  3. You will need to give 3 examples of your personality attributes that you feel will help you accomplish your ministry goals. 
  4. You will also need to give 3 examples of personality challenges that you feel will create and obstacle/hindrance for you or your ministry in some way if unresolved. 
  5. You will reference 3 famous personalities with your personality type and briefly write how you feel about that.
  6. You will give a strategy as to how you will work on your flaws and turn them into opportunities to excel in ministry. 
  7. In addition you will need to use several use scriptural references in your essay to bring it all together to express your current understanding of ministry as a whole.  
  8. Your essay should be written in Calibri body, 12 points, double spaced and 1 inch margins with a heading that includes Class, Date, Name, and Assignment Information



Assignment #2 Essay Love Your Neighbor Due 12/16/14


  1. This is a 300-400 word essay.  Listed are the key points to be in your essay. 
  2. Jesus tells us in Matthew 22:39 (NKJV) 39 And the second is like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
  3. You are to use 3-5 other scriptural references to confirm your points.
  4.  'In viewing this text, how do you relate it to ministry?
  5.  Key emphasis, how do you love yourself according to God’s word? 
  6. How is the referenced text significant to ministry in the 21st century church? Explain clearly. 
  7. Your essay should be written in Calibri body, 12 points, double spaced and 1 inch margins with a heading that includes Class, Date, Name, and Assignment Information

Assignment #3 Ministry References 12/25/14


  1. Find 10 Scriptural references about ministry
  2. List each reference and explain the reason you chose each one. I am looking for depth, be sure to not do shallow work as this will affect your grade.
  3. Name and define the nine (9) Sacerdotal Performances of a Minister. Hint they are listed below: find a scriptural reference for each one and list the reasons per each one we practice them in the Christian Church. 

The IRS mandates that a pastor is not a bonafide pastor unless he performs the "nine sacerdotal duties", but the ninth seems consistently left off of lists. The first eight supposedly are: 1) baptisms, 2) weddings, 3) Communion or serving the emblems (eg Eucharist),

4) teaching, 5) spiritual counseling, 6) christenings or baby dedications, 7) administration of church affairs and 8) the regular conducting of worship services 9) Funerals

  1. Calibri body, 12 points, double spaced and 1 inch margins with a heading that includes Class, Date, Name, and Assignment Information


Assignment #4 Word in Action  12/28/14


  1. Do not make this assignment difficult because it’s really a lot of copying and pasting the previous assignment and basically showing you how to pay attention to the details of ministry and how official performances should be administered. 
  2. Attend a ministry event of your choice, church service, bible study, food pantry, hospital visit, gospel concert or program/play etc. I will even allow a television broadcast as long as it is not a movie, it must be a worship service that offers clarity within the boundaries of ministry.
  3. Take notes during the event
  4. Using assignment #3 find the word in action or not in action.  You may use your ministry references and or your sacerdotal references.  What sacerdotal performances are being performed, or what ministry references are you recognizing.  Example (When I attended church this Sunday I witnessed the 1) The serving of the emblems / Eucharist.  The Pastor listed in one of my ministry terms was administering the service with the assistance of the deacons another of my references,(list your references and scriptural support) they worked together to offer this ministry as a form of worship as well as teaching.  These are sacerdotal performances as well. I feel that when you operate in unity you are teaching the word, conducting a worship service and you are allowing the gifts to work according to Ephesians 4:4 and !Corinthians12:28)
  5. Use at least five (5) references and explain your choice of the word in action.
  6. Calibri body, 12 points, double spaced and 1 inch margins with a heading that includes Class, Date, Name, and Assignment Information

Assignment #5 Final Due 12/28/14

Write a 1000-1200 word essay using each of the previous four assignments as references.  Please address these topics in your essay.  

What have you learned that stands out in this class as a reason for you taking it?

What did you learn that has changed your mindset about yourself?

What did you learn that changed your mindset about ministry?

Do you feel that many churches today are aware of what you learned?  Please explain your answer.  

This essay must be emailed to me and Posted under the Forum Titled Final Forum.  Please Reply to The initial Forum that I post and comment by replying to the other students forum essay entry. 

Calibri body, 12 points, double spaced and 1 inch margins with a heading that includes Class, Date, Name, and Assignment Information

Extra Credit Assignment Due 12/28/14

Go to click on the YouTube link that will be uploaded on this course's page in the website.  It will be available by Wednesday.  Write a paragraph of 50 or more words giving some highlights of the video.   

Your Grades will be sent to you.  Thank you for attending this class.  It's been an enlightening experience.  Your Professor



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