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Ruah Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is the School of Ministry and School of Prophecy the same?

Ruah is broken up into 5 categories;

School of Ministry – which is established to acknowledge and introduce the 5 Fivefold ministry gifts to the church.  We will also assist all ministers in development, advancement, education, and preparation, as well as establishing and launching ministries into existence.


School of Prophecy – is established to introduce Supernatural Flow and how the 5 Fivefold ministry Gifts work together to create order and spiritual accountability in the church.  It is established to assist in development and training in the gifts of the Spirit, and training in the application of the gifts for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. 


Free courses – the establishment of the free-course program is to ensure that Ruah as a non-profit organization always gives and sows into the lives of those hungry but unable to financially handle the burden of responsibility. However, all classes are not available for free, there are special classes offered regularly for free course taking students.  Free course taking students must pay a onetime registration fee and purchase their own study materials such as books or any other material required.


Non degree seeking students – students who desire to take specific courses for certificates or personal reasons.  In addition Ruah does offer special courses for groups at group rates for church leadership staff, or any organizations.  Classes can be closed for 15 or more students. 


Certificate Seeking students - many of the courses at Ruah offer official certificates of completions, especially for group courses or special session classes.  Additional fees may apply to receive certificates.  


Does Ruah offer discounts?

Yes, Ruah has many discounts, payment plans, and scholarships for its students.


Where are the Faculty and Staff of Ruah located?
The Faculty and Staff of Ruah are located all over the US and abroad, we work together through technology with the expertise of a great IT department to bring these phenomenal people to you as instructors and personnel.
Does Ruah have a head quarters building? 
We have an operations location in Roanoke, VA.  However, at the present time Ruah is online but we do conferences in central locations in several states.

Is Ruah affiliated with a Church or Denomination?
No, we are not at this time; it is our intention to launch ministries through our education process.  Ruah is totally independent as a Christian, Spirit Filled organization.
Is Ruah Accredited?
No, Ruah is not accredited at this time.  We are presently working on becoming accredited this year as a bible college and seminary.  In the future when we do become accredited we will be glad to change your Diplomas and Certificates. 
Is Ruah a Not-For-Profit School? 
Yes Ruah is a non-profit organization and we are presently working on obtaining grants and properties to increase our student population and to assist in advancing the Kingdom of God.

 Can Ruah accept donations?
Yes donations are accepted and used to help advance our school.

 Can a Student at Ruah make suggestions for course topics?
Of course, we love positive feedback and student participation at Ruah.
How long does it take to finish earning a diploma at Ruah? 
There is no set time of graduation because students have the option to study at their own pace.  However depending on the different schools we offer at the time, a full-time student can finish in a year or two. 
How do I get licensed or ordained at Ruah?
You have to submit an application for Licensure or Ordination through Ruah.  Once you have completed Ruah School of Ministry, you automatically qualify to be licensed.  Ordination requires a few additional courses.  It basically depends on your advisor assessment and your progress however we will not delay you if you give us just cause to license you before completing your diploma requirements.  Again, you must fill out an application for Licensure or Ordination either way.
How much does Ruah cost? 
The cost of attending Ruah varies per student; it’s based on what program you are interested in and how many courses you take at a time.  Please keep in mind that we offer discounts and other promotions that also cause the cost to change per quarter and per student.


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